Every day in the world, over a million Mazzer coffee grinders support baristas in crafting exceptional cups of coffee.

The best equipment for the coffee sector

Mazzer's mission is to produce the best equipment for the coffee sector: innovative, reliable and easy-to-use. Our promise is to support baristas every time they
make coffee, whether it’s their work or their passion.

We do so by internally designing, manufacturing and assembling all
components related to the grinding process, ensuring the highest level of quality and durability for coffee grinders and burrs.

With a commitment to innovation and a rich heritage in the coffee
industry, Mazzer is the go-to preference for the finest and busiest coffee shops worldwide.

100% made in Venice, Italy

We strive to make great products, while respecting the environment and the people.

Hence, all our grinders are made with premium, easily recyclable materials, and about half of our energy needs are met through the use of solar panels. In addition, Mazzer builds lasting relationships with its local suppliers, to the benefit of its products and the surrounding community.

More than 70 years of experience

Mazzer is a family company based in the countryside near Venice. The company was founded by Luigi Mazzer between the two World Wars. The mechanic workshop wouldn’t be called “Mazzer” until 1948, when Luigi began producing professional grade coffee grinders and burrs. His son Giovanni took up the baton in 1988, bringing forth a new era of innovation. In 2023, the third generation, Luigi, joined the company.

Thanks to a highly specialized team of technicians and a workshop equipped with the latest technologies, Mazzer grinders continue to deliver exceptional coffee in more than 100 countries across five continents.