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Mazzer Philos is a premium light commercial single dose grinder designed to help you get the most out of your coffee. Its elegant and compact design, accurate machining, and sustainable materials make it the ideal choice for demanding baristas looking for quality in small spaces. It is suitable for all extraction methods, from espresso to batch brew.

Color : BLACK
I200D: high clarity, well-balanced pleasant acidity and medium body. I189D: full-bodied extractions and a rich velvety mouthfeel.

Mazzer Philos

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Experiment with your coffee

Zero Retention

With Philos you can switch seamlessly from one origin or brewing method to another without wasting coffee and time.

This vertical-burr grinder is designed to avoid retention and contamination of coffee in the grinding chamber.

The handy dose finisher collects any ground coffee residue while cleaning the chute. When not in use, it can be stored in its dedicated slot behind the front plate.

Easy to use and to clean

Optimized workflow, 
effortless maintenance

Users can access the grinding chamber at the front, in order to clean the grinder or replace burrs. This can be done easily without tools, while retaining the grind setting.

The ergonomic design of the adjustment dial facilitates daily use, thanks to the clearly visible index and the reduced risk of unintended collar movement.

Philos can be shortened by removing the stainless steel hopper, as it's designed for safe and convenient bean feeding even without it.

quality in small spaces

Beautiful inside and out: black or silver sustainable coffee grinder

Function and aesthetics merge seamlessly in the Philos: 

Its neat design, inspired by the sleek lines of the Mazzer ZM, ensures it complements any countertop. Compact and space-efficient, Philos occupies minimal counter space, effortlessly fitting into even the smallest areas.

Powered by an asynchronous motor and crafted with precision machining, Philos is engineered for long-lasting durability. Constructed from highly recyclable and premium materials such as stainless steel, brass, and anodized aluminum, this 12.5 kg grinder not only delivers reliability, but also prioritizes sustainability.

Its robust construction, meticulously polished mating surfaces ensure precise coupling of parts throughout the grinding process, guaranteeing consistent performance over years of use.

With tight tolerances, minimal frequencies, and an integrated vibration-damping system, Philos operates quietly and remains stable even during prolonged use.

Electronic and mechanical safety features ensure user protection, even when the hopper is off.

Furthermore, all components that come into contact with coffee are certified food-safe.

Infinite adjustments

Stepped or stepless grinder: it's up to you

Easily switch from stepped to stepless mode with a simple procedure.

Stepped mode: with single-step increments as small as 6 microns, the graduated adjustment ring covers all brewing methods, from espresso to batch brew. This makes grind adjustment a breeze, ensuring repeatibility in your recipes.

Stepless mode: if you are looking for infinite settings to dial in the perfect shot, Philos can be converted into a stepless grinder.

uniform grinding

Enhance flavours and get constant results

Vertically-oriented flat burrs, a carefully engineered pre-breaker and a geometrically optimized grinding duct control any popcorning effect and ensure that a constant flow of beans feeds the grinding chamber at the correct rate. The long auger (pre-breaker) prevents clogging, regrinding and non-uniformity of the particles.

Before leaving the factory, each Philos is carefully tested to ensure the perfect parallelism of the burrs.

all extraction methods

No matter your coffee preference, we've got you covered

Pick between two sets of 64mm flat original Mazzer burrs. Both perform well with various brewing methods, such as filter coffee or espresso.

They are made with high-quality, food-safe stainless steel to prevent oxidation and moisture damage (even when using RDT). Additionally, they are factory-seasoned to be efficient from day one with no waste of coffee or time.

I200D: these innovative burrs generate outstanding flavor clarity, enhancing pleasant acidity and fruity notes.

I189D: the evolution of the iconic Mazzer Mini burrs, they are the right choice if you seek full-bodied extractions and a rich velvety mouthfeel. Easy to dial-in and great with medium-dark roasts, they are the best pick for traditional Italian espresso.

Technical data

351 mm


361 mm


153 mm


400 Watt

Grind adjustment

stepped and stepless micrometrical


stainless steel flat burrs 64mm (3 1⁄4 in) for filter and espresso (I200D, I189D)


1400 rpm (50 Hz) - 1600 rpm (60Hz)


anodized aluminum


60g (0.13 lbs)

Net weight

12.5 kg (27.5 lbs)


60 g capacity / for ø58mm portafilters


canister for ø53mm portafilters


How do I set the grinder?

The grinder has a wide dial which covers all adjustment positions from espresso to batch brew coarseness in one round. Every notch corresponds to 6 microns of widening and is highly repeatable going coarse to fine and viceversa. You can easily switch to stepless mode if you prefer to have even more granularity of adjustment. The dial is calibrated from factory with some space between the burrs on position 0, to prevent the user from scratching the burrs or activating the motor while the burrs are in contact. Anyone can calibrate the grinder as preferred though, simply by removing and repositioning the adjustment cover.

Can I clean the grinder without losing the grind setting?

Yes you can, as the grind setting is done on the back moving burr. Open the chamber simply by removing the front plate, which is kept in place by strong magnets, and unscrew (by hand) the long wing nuts which keep the front burr carrier in place. Grasp the burr carrier with both hands and gently pull it out: now you are in the grinding chamber of Mazzer Philos. Once you’ve cleaned the grinder, just place everything back: your grinding adjustment didn’t move from where you positioned it.

Can the grinder work without hopper?

Yes, you can feed the beans in the grinder without the stainless steel hopper. In this setting you can insert up to 24 g of coffee and still close the slide. A nice tip: the stainless steel hopper fits well as a funnel into the canister, so you can use it to fill the canister with beans while you are weighing the dose.

What’s behind the front plate?

The front stainless steel plate hides the handle to remove the burr carrier, the magnetic placement for the dose finisher and the volume of the auger which drives the beans to the grinding chamber. It’s kept in place by strong magnets.

Can I do RDT without risk of damaging the burrs?

Philos' sustainable burrs are made of stainless steel, and the whole path of the coffee beans to the grinding chamber and out is moisture safe, bearings included. Furthermore, Philos has been carefully optimized to reduce the electrostatic charges during grinding: to do this, we highly recommend using the provided canister to collect the grounds.

Do you check burr parallelism?

Every single component which involves adjustment and grinding is controlled in tolerances both by optical and contact measuring technology after being machined. The whole factory toolings are checked multiple times a day to adjust the tooling machines to the changing climate conditions. Every Philos is then carefully checked with surface comparators during assembly and also at the end.

What’s the difference between the two sets of burrs?

Mazzer Philos can be ordered choosing between two different sets of stainless steel burrs, both 64 mm wide: the I200D and the I189D.

Mazzer I200D burrs have long-winded, continuous, sharp teeth which gradually refine the particle to the very end, ideal for light to medium roasted coffees. The result is an exceptionally crisp taste with bright and clear separated fruits and florals, a well-balanced pleasant acidity, and medium body.

Mazzer I189D burrs have the same design as the well-known Mazzer Mini burrs. You can expect a full-bodied cup, syrupy, and with a mellow taste: these burrs deliver a balanced sweet extraction, with low acidity and high body. These burrs perform best with medium to dark roasted coffees, enhancing chocolate and dried fruit notes for a more traditional Italian espresso cup.

Are the two sets of burrs suited for all extraction methods?

Yes, both Mazzer Philos burrs are suitable for all extraction methods, as they were both conceived to be multipurpose. You can enjoy different styles of coffes and swap them easily.

Do I need to season the burrs before use?

Philos' burrs have a unique and dedicated surface finishing which makes them ready to go and stable straight from the very beginning. To initiate the grinder, just make sure you don’t use the very first 50 g of ground coffee for preparing coffee.

How do I reach the lowest retention? What is the Dose Finisher?

Philos, when properly used, grants a negligible grounds retention. Proceed as follows: grind your dose in the canister and pull and release the chute knocker multiple times to discharge the most amount of coffee grounds. Remove the canister and, with the motor still going, insert the dose finisher in the chute to the end and rotate it clockwise and anti-clockwise to clean the last grounds. Once used, the dose finisher can be placed back in its slot behind the front plate.

What colors does Philos come in?

The coffee grinder is available in black and silver.

What is Philos made of?

The Philos is a sustainable grinder that will last for years. It's made up of premium materials like stainless steel, brass and anodized aluminum. The 12.5 kg grinder is sturdy, reliable and easy to recycle.

Is Philos a stepped and stepless grinder?

Yes, you can easily switch from stepped to stepless mode with a simple procedure.

Is Philos a batch brew grinder?

Yes, Philos is suitable for all extraction methods, from espresso to batch brew.

Why is there coffee between the burrs of my new Philos?

Finding ground coffee between the burrs is perfectly normal when you purchase a Mazzer grinder. At Mazzer, each assembly operator is responsible for assembling and testing the grinder from start to finish, including grinding some coffee beans to ensure everything is working perfectly.

My silver Philos has a small dot on the surface, why? 

It is normal for aluminum alloy to have small micro-dots within its structure. These are inherent characteristics of the material.