Manual coffee grinder


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Omega is a versatile hand grinder designed for coffee excellence, whether at home or on-the-go. Thanks to the supreme build quality and the elegant aesthetics, Omega is not just a manual grinder, but the ultimate showpiece. Its hybrid conical burrs deliver outstanding cup results for all brewing methods, from french press to espresso, from ibrik to filter coffee. It is available in two versions, Omega, particularly easy to set, and Omega X, with a superior control over grind size.

Omega X: high setting accuracy, 11-micron step. Particularly suited for espresso.
Omega: Easy to set, all preparations within 360° numerical index, 33-micron step.
SOFT BURRS: less effort while grinding
FAST BURRS: increased productivity
Travel Kit
The kit includes:
1 CASE to store your Omega.
1 BRUSH in high resistance technopolymer.
1 VOLUMETRIC MEASURING DEVICE to quickly dose the quantity of coffee to be ground.
Superior build quality

Premium materials: steel, aluminum and carbon fiber

Machined and assembled with extreme precision using state-of-the-art technology, this grinder will last for decades.

Omega features carbon fibre components for strength and lightness, neodymium magnets for clever use and storage, stainless steel and aluminum to optimize mechanical performance and tactile feeling. The ergonomic opening with a swift-release knob enables effortless loading of coffee beans.

The beautiful aluminum lid is designed to prevent spillage of beans during grinding in every condition

Filter and espresso grinder

Versatile grinder for different brewing methods

Omega delivers outstanding results whether you're brewing filter coffee or pulling espresso shots, showcasing its remarkable versatility.

Easy to use

External microstep adjustment ring

The micro-click system covers all brewing methods, from espresso to batch brew. It delivers a pleasant feeling of control and offers optimum precision and stability for each setting.

reduced footprint

Compact mode

Omega's footprint can be significantly reduced when not in use. The grinder features a magnetized handle that can be attached in an elegant way, making it a perfectly compact companion no matter where you go.

Mazzer best-in-class burrs

Stainless steel conical burrs

These Mazzer factory-produced burrs are designed to guarantee uniform grinding and excellent extraction results. The stainless steel grants the best parallelism over time and protects from oxidation in case of RDT.

The fast burrs are designed for high speed grinding, to increase productivity. The soft grind burrs are designed for less effort while grinding.

Simple cleaning

Full disassembly with no loss of grind settings

As for every kitchen equipment, cleaning your grinder often is essential. Omega allows a complete and easy cleaning of the product, without any tools.

Technical data

78 mm (3 in)


196 mm (7.7 in)


750 g (26 oz)


Stainless steel and anodized aluminium body, stainless steel burrs and axle, carbon fibre lever, anodised aluminium knob, tank, neodymium magnets, silicone grip

Grind adjustment

External micro-step adjustment ring, from Ibrik to French press. Omega (33 micron, every method in one full turn, ideal for beginners) and Omega X (11 micron, superior control over grind size)


Stainless steel 47 mm conical burrs (198C fast, 199C soft)


42 g (1.5 oz)


True Zero calibration with numerical index of the grind settings


Compatible with filter holder and AeroPress cups


What’s the difference between Omega and Omega X?

Both conical grinders allow all adjustments, from french press to turkish/ibrik coffee, but Omega X differs from the Omega model in that it has a smaller step size adjustment. With 11-micron steps, three times smaller than the Omega, it offers even more control, making it ideal for espresso preparations.

Conversely, for those who favor reading convenience, the Omega model offers the ultimate ease of use, with all preparations set in a single turn of the dial so that the numerical reference is always the same.

What’s the difference between Omega soft and Omega fast?

Omega soft is equipped with 199C conical burrs, this set of burrs is designed to reduce the effort while grinding.
Omega fast is equipped with 198C conical burrs, this set of burrs is designed for high-speed grinding.

Both sets of burrs guarantee excellent particle size distribution.

What are the suggested grind settings?

The Omega is suitable for all brewing methods, from French press to espresso, turkish/ibrik to filter coffee.

3 - 4 Ibirk
4 - 7 Espresso
7 - 9 Moka
9 - 10+1 Filter
10+1 - 10+3 French press

6 - 8 Ibrik
8 - 10+4 Espresso
10+4 - 10+8 Moka
10+8 - 20+2 Filter
20+2 - 20+6 French press

How to avoid electrostatic charge in the ground coffee?

Gently tap the bottom of the grinder on the counter before opening the canister.

If I disassemble the grinder do I lose the True Zero calibration?

The grinder can be disassembled to clean it inside. But be careful to follow the instruction manual. This operation can be done with no loss of the True Zero calibration. The procedure is safe and can be done without using tools.

Besides collecting ground coffee, how can I use the canister of the Omega?

You can use the canister to transfer the ground coffee in 58 mm portafilter cups, Aeropress, and to load the beans into your Omega.

How do I clean the Omega?

Use a clean dry cloth or brush.
Do not use water or any other liquid, do not wash with chemical or abrasive substances. None of the components are dishwasher-safe.

Should you disassemble the unit to clean it inside follow the instructions provided in the instruction manual.
The coffee grinder contains small components that are easy to lose. Be vigilant whilst cleaning.

How do I insert the grip?

Remove the canister and insert the grip from the bottom of the grinder by gently stretching it with your fingers.

What are Omega's burrs like?

Omega is a conical burr grinder. The stainless steel burrs are 47mm wide.

What is the Omega made of?

Omega is a stainless steel coffee grinder with anodized aluminum and carbon fiber components to optimize mechanical performance.